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Hi Nirali, I really want to tell you that I have had tarot readings before and this has by far been the best one. Thank you so much for this Nirali. I am definitely coming back soon for another reading! Everything completely resonated for me, and I could feel that we are on the same vibration of love & kindness which just felt amazing! I cannot thank you enough, the messages that you have brought about today and they will help me a lot! I have been searching for these answers for a long time.

Also I really like this method of voice notes and pictures because that means I can always come back to them at any point! Lots of love & light to you


Thank you so much Nirali for helping me out of the every doubt I was having and making my vision clear. The reading was very accurate.. The things you told and suggested me to do is the only thing I’m following these days and I’m really feeling better and at peace now.. Thank you so much Nirali, it meant a lot for me. Lots of love to you!!


Thank you so very much Nirali!! You have no idea how much peace I have found by this reading. I had a turmoil of thoughts going on. This will help me sleep better now. Thank you so very much.


It was a wonderful and a very amazing experience with Nirali. She has great skills and knowledge in what she does and she has absolutely perfection in it. Got to know many things (It was like getting to know an untold story) about myself and what is needed to be done for a better well being... Truly it was an outstanding experience with Tarot cards and I suggest people should try it to get that positivity and motivation in live..


Nirali is highly recommended if, anyone wishes to have a reading done for themselves as versus others she pays attention to details, is extremely sincere and does not rush up explanations. Her effort has a positive demeanour which helps the customer perspective. I wish her all luck in doing this which comes as her passion.


Hi Nirali, we spoke last month regarding a few questions that I had. One of those were about my career and you were absolutely right. I started working on the 4th April and things just happened. Believe in the universe and wait for what’s best right?


Thank you so much Nirali! No amount of thank you is enough cause you really are that good and amazing! You always stun me with your beginning description.. it’s so freaking on point <3 <3 I told you how I came across you.. the universe really wanted us to bond I guess <3 <3


I never believed in such things before but after getting a reading done from Nirali Kachalia, it really changed my mind. The past predictions were fairly accurate. What really surprised me were some future predictions which happened within a week's time were so accurate. Not only she predicts but also gives the right advises and solutions to lead a better life. Totally worth it.

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