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Ultimate WEALTH kit

Ultimate WEALTH kit

₹1,450.00 Regular Price
₹1,199.20Sale Price


The Ultimate WEALTH KIT : 


Comes with 3 outstanding crystals :



Tiger's eye.


Labradorite : 
It is known to be the manifesting tool.
It protects from losses in any businesses/stock market.
Helps to recover blocked money from people.



Pyrite : This is known as "fool's gold" and is an ultimate stone for attracting newer opportunities.
It works phenomenal for promotions, increasing cash inflow and balancing cash spend.
It works with third eye chakra to develop a prosperous mindset that helps you attract money from all directions.

Tiger's eye :
This is a crystal of luck and abundance. 
This helps you see the best in financial situations.
This crystal can literally make you rich.
Tiger's eye is known as a "WEALTH MAGNET"
It works around our roof chakra to have you collect money from infinite sources.
It helps with savings and reduces expenses.





Benefits of this kit:

  • Increases money inflow
  • Attracts newer opportunities.
  • Helps to maintain money in hand
  • Strengthens bones and improves blood circulation.
  • Brings good luck



Affirm while wearing the bracelet: I am attracting abundance from all sides.

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