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The MONEY BRACELET : Tiger eye bracelet

The MONEY BRACELET : Tiger eye bracelet

₹1,999.00 Regular Price
₹1,499.00Sale Price


Tiger's eye is known to have astounding physical and emotional benefits both. It helps harness one's inner strength and develop hope & self-belief. Besides, it is also known as a stone of financial balance, It helps in balancing finances in a better way. It opens up doors to newer opportunities. 


Tiger's eye bracelet comes with 20-25 small spherical polished tiger's eye tumbles woven around a piece of thread so that it can be comfortably worn.


Benefits of this bracelet :

This is a crystal of luck and abundance. 
This helps you see the best in financial situations.
This crystal can literally make you rich.
Tiger's eye is known as a "WEALTH MAGNET"
It works around our root chakra to have you collect money from infinite sources.
It helps with savings and reduces expenses.


Affirm while wearing this bracelet: I am money magnet, I am strong and poweful.

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