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PCOD crystal kit

PCOD crystal kit

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₹1,105.00Sale Price
3 out of 5 women suffer from PCOS, PCOD/PCOS is a very common lifestyle disorder, and affects quite a lot of women here in India. PCOS is associated with the womb, although a lot of medical treatments are known to heal PCOS, a holistic approach involving crystals can be a definite add on. It is not a substitute for the medical treatments, but it does help when looking at the bigger picture. Crystals that work amazingly well to heal PCOS are :Garnet : Garnet is a red colored crystal that works amazingly well in clearing your blood. This stone is associated with our sacral chakra, it helps with healing issues related to our reproductive systems. Garnet also works great for overall mental & physical well-being. It also helps in keeping weight in check ultimately helping heal PCOS.Labradorite : One of the known causes of PCOS is stress, labradorite works to release stress, reduce depression & relieve anxiety, It is a stone that works on a deeper level to heal from mental trauma and balancing hormones too. Labradorite is a stone of calm & strength.Carnelian : Carnelian is a stabilizing stone, It restores creativity. Carnelian is known to improve fertility, it is also makes sure that blood reaches all the organs of your body, It boosts blood circulation, positivity & banishes emotional negativity, iIt can be incorporated in life, by meditating with tumbles,wearing their bracelets or pendants, or just keeping it around.Affirm while using this kit : I am stress-free, My menstrual cycle is in check and my hormones are balanced.
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