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MUST HAVE CRYSTALS (Love, Wealth & Wellbeing)

MUST HAVE CRYSTALS (Love, Wealth & Wellbeing)

₹1,999.00 Regular Price
₹1,649.00Sale Price

Who doesn’t want a little of everything? Bringing you a kit, that gives you little from all the worlds. The Must Have Kit consists of Heart shape Rose quartz, Jade Wand and Amethyst cluster. All three crystals consist of differet shape and size.


Contents of the Kit:

Rose Quartz: A crystal of universal love. Rose quartz is known to bring love, peace and harmony in all types of relationships, may it be with a spouse, family or a friend. It helps in bringing self-love too. It is connected to your heart as well as throat chakra. This helps one healing from their wounds or trauma faster, also helping in developing better sense of communication.


Jade: This crystal is known for its money-attraction properties, is quite popular among our clients. It has helped our clients immensely in terms of attracting new opportunities and increasing cash inflow. Jade also promotes abundance in every single area of your life and is known as a good luck charm.


Amethyst: This is a magical stone, it is known to alleviate sadness and promote happiness. Amethyst is a stress tranquilizer. It enhances spiritual awakening and psychic abilities. It is widely accepted for its cleansing and healing abilities. Amethyst is also known to control overindulgence of alcohol and drugs. It also balances your mental health, making you feel calmer and thereby improving your focus, concentration and motivation. It also has health benefits.


Affirm while using this kit: I am attracting money, love and peace in my life.

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