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Home Protection KIT

Home Protection KIT

₹1,800.00 Regular Price
₹1,550.00Sale Price

Home Protection Kit


This Kit is specially designed for the elimination of negative energies, and the multiplication of positive energy and to develop a peaceful, calming, and protective home environment. This Kit consists of amazing negative-repellant stones like Black tourmaline and Amethyst.  


Black Tourmaline is one of the best stone to keep negativity and ill wishes out of your house door. This is an extremely mighty and powerful protection stone that helps in eliminating and repelling negative energy from your house, mind, and body. Black tourmaline will prevent negativity from entering the home and protect against any bad wish or energy.


Amethyst when kept inside the house will soak up all the negative and low vibrational energy, replacing it with calming, soothing, and positive ones. The amethyst cluster will disappear the feeling of depression, anxiety, stress, and fear.




-Dissolves dark and negative feelings.

- Reduces fear.

- Protects the home environment from evil energy. 

- Helps in turning negative energy into a positive one. 

- Creates a calm & serene home environment


Place this Kit inside your home with the intention of positive, soothing, and loving energies entering your home.

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