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Fertility Kit

Fertility Kit

₹1,000.00 Regular Price
₹950.00Sale Price

If you are a female and trying to conceive to a baby, but failing then this kit is you, Comprises of two of the most feminine crystals: White Agate and Moonstone. These two are known balance hormones, relieving stress and calming a disturbed mind, thereby helping a female conceive with no hurdles.

Contents of the Kit:

White Agate: White Agate is an ultimate crystal when you are looking for Harmony in your life. It is also called as the pregnancy stone, helps the mother and the baby healthy and happy. It acts as a positive shield around you, filtering all the negativity.

Moonstone: This is the stone if you are looking for new beginnings. If you are struggling in finding your inner self, then moonstone is the one for you. It is proven amazing for regulating menstrual cycle, increases fertility and balances your hormones. It solves all your internal problems, soothes emotional instability and provides calmness.


Affirm while using this kit: I am a happy mother of a healthy baby.

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