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THE CHAKRA BRACELET: Chakra balancing bracelet 8mm

THE CHAKRA BRACELET: Chakra balancing bracelet 8mm

₹1,999.00 Regular Price
₹1,499.00Sale Price

Chakra bracelet is made up of 9 different semi-precious gemstones, helping in balancing 7 chakras of the human body & eliminating the imbalance in our body.


The Chakra bracelet comes with 28-30 small spherical polished tumbles woven around a piece of thread so that it can be comfortably worn. It is 6mm in size.


Benefits of the Chakra bracelet include :


It keeps diseases & allergies away.


It gives direction to your innate psychic abilities.


It helps you live a luxurious and comfortable life.


It helps you meet your life goals with ease.


It prevents evil eyes, evil energies, and Tantric attacks.


It promotes healing and keeps you healthy.


It makes you lucky in many matters.


It helps you go with the flow without taking any burden.


It helps you manifest positive thoughts and desires.


It ensures business growth and prevents losses.


It makes you charming, adorable, and a favorite of everyone.


It aligns the chakras and body, mind & soul.




Affirm while wearing this bracelet: I am in alignment with all my chakras.

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