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What are negative energies and how to deal with it ? How to get rid of it?

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Any sort of energy that leaves you mentally tired, drained or disturbed, is called negative energy. Negative energy can come from people or things, these could be different for different people, The identification of negative energy liberators is the most crucial step here, as diagnosis leads to cure.

Removal of negativity is extremely important as negativity has the ability to multiply itself if left untreated, breeding to more negativity

Negativity can eat people up emotionally & mentally, thus it is extremely essential to drive negative energies away.

Now the question is HOW?

  • Use of crystals: Meditating with crystals such as black tourmaline & selenite (My Protection kit) can not only help in driving negative energies away but also protect from any new negative energies coming in.

  • Use of salts: Salt has a high negativity repellant property, so it is best to be used in the water while bathing, Affirming that negativity is released makes the removal even better. It is recommended to keep salt in the four corners of your room. After 48 hours, you can either sweep the salt or vacuum clean it and throw it in the trash.

  • Removal of decluttering: Old and broken things can make the environment cluttered, and it could be a major cause of negative energies, Getting rid of them can make the surroundings clean, organized and so much more sorted. Objects tend to retain and then transfer negative energies emotionally, physically and mentally. Also, researchers say clutter makes you feel stressed & tired, so just for better mind space, a decluttered environment serves the best.

  • Use of orange essential oils: Researches say that orange essential oil clears up negativity, but it also smells divine, just a couple of drops of orange essential oil in the diffuser can do wonders. You can add a few drops of essential oil to water, and pour it into a spray bottle, and just spray it all over your house. Also, to me, the fragrance of oranges reminds me of freshness and sunshine and just lifts up my mood.

  • Burning sage: Burning sage can help in getting rid of blocked negative energies, It helps to cleanse the aura and inculcating positivity.

  • Use of sound bowls: Sound therapy is known to have phenomenal results, it acts as an add-on to the ongoing medical treatments. Listening to sounds of certain frequencies can help drive negative energies away. It makes you feel calm, peaceful & serene.

  • Use of color yellow: Yellow is the color of peace, hope & prosperity, so painting the walls yellow or incorporating yellow in your house can help in releasing the negative energies away.

  • Protect your entrances: Entrances act as a source of entry of energy, so protecting the entrance is extremely important. The best way to do this is by placing a bucket of water with some salt, lime juice & vinegar in it. All these act as strong negativity repellents and thus protects the entrances.

  • Add more mirrors: Mirrors are known to signify optimism, so incorporating mirrors in your house, especially your living room will make you anti-negative & you will be able to function better, mentally & emotionally.

Using these techniques, you can loosen and ultimately release the grip of negativity over you, With time & effort, you will eventually be able to get rid of negativity completely and incorporate positivity into your life. And when the darkness of negativity subsides and your life gets illuminated with positivity, that's when you will enjoy the true essence of life.

These were my favorite techniques to release negativity, If you have any other queries, I will be happy to help, I am just a DM away on Instagram.

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