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How to Use Crystals 101

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Everything about crystals blog. All questions answered.

Today is a great day to speak about my favorite manifestation aids, my beloved crystals.

I always get so many questions about which crystal to buy for career, love, or how to choose a crystal or how to use a crystal or how to charge a crystal, today I am here to solve all your queries at once.

Let’s begin from the very basics, What is a crystal?

Crystals are atoms arranged naturally to form a solid structure, they are metaphysical rocks found in various shapes & sizes. Crystals are known to have specific healing properties, and when used the right way, they aid in bringing things to happen for you. The use of crystals can be traced back to thousands of years ago. The roots of crystals are found in the ancient forms of medicine. The use of crystals is found to be mentioned in historical books of Hinduism & Buddhism. Crystals have now become a part of the human belief system, and rightly said so!

The Next most common question, Is how do crystals work?

Crystals are known to have natural healing properties, each crystal vibrates at a specific frequency, and can help you achieve the intention set for it, Although not backed up by science, crystals are known to have physical, emotional & mental benefits.

How to choose a crystal for yourself?

There are various ways by which you can choose a crystal for yourself, One could be when are trying to solve a problem, However, other could be when a crystal calls out to you, this is generally when the universe wants you to have that crystal, you might be seeing that crystal quite often, or you find it extremely beautiful & attractive, or you might feel a weird sense of connection to it, all these could be instances that a crystal is meant for you. The last way I feel is when the crystal chooses the owner, this could be when a crystal randomly comes as a freebie or gets sent mistakenly by the seller. This could be a Universe calling again.

From where to get crystals?

Crystals are available online on various websites such as Amazon and Flipkart, they are also sold by various Instagram stores, but I urge you to buy them from someone you trust, someone whose vibrations match yours, someone who is bestowed with magical energies. Check out my crystals store.

Are crystals energized?

For me, Yes. I do energetically charge my crystals with an intention before it gets shipped to you, the energies are super important, when you buy a particular crystal from me, you pay for crystals + my energies. Energies make a crystal work 10x better. I also send out distance energies once in a while to everyone who buys from me, making it more beneficial for you.

I have my crystals, now what do I do next?

Once you have your crystals you should cleanse them, as they would have been touched by various people during the transit, I would talk about the cleansing part just in a bit. Once the cleansing part is done, you can meditate with them, affirm with them & set intentions with them. Hold the crystals with your non-dominant hand, close your eyes, & feel it working its magic for you. Have a habit of doing this every single day to see the desired results. Treat crystals like your babies and believe in them blindly and they shall do the job for you.

How do I set the intention with a crystal to bring the desired results?

Setting intentions with a crystal is also called programming a crystal. Avoid the programming process near any electrical appliance, as it could interfere with the energies. Clear out any negative thoughts from your mind to begin this process, Try doing this on a full moon day as the energies are pretty prominent on that day, Hold the crystal in your hand, Feel your crystal, feel the vibration, feel its shape and size, Close your eyes, Focus on the crystal and the purpose your are programming it for. Continue this for as long as you wish to. Open your eyes, thank the Universe & crystal for making wonders happen for you.

How do I cleanse my crystals?

Crystals can be male, female, or even androgynous in nature. Male crystals are generally cleansed & energized by the sunlight, Female crystals are cleansed & energized by the moonlight. Male crystals are generally rough and often emit stronger energies, however female crystals are gentle and create calm.

You can cleanse and recharge the crystal under the sunlight or moonlight depending upon its nature.

You can also bury the crystal under the soil for about 2-3 days for it to get cleansed. Crystals are found deep inside the earth, thus, in their natural habitat, they bloom with energy.

You can also keep the crystals in running water for it to get cleansed.

You can also keep the crystals in some rock salt to drive the negative energies away.

You can also cleanse & charge your crystals in a thunderstorm as the energies from the thunderstorm are very strong.

How often do I cleanse & energise my crystal?

Again, it solely depends on your intuition, If you feel like cleansing your crystals, you can do it anytime, however just don't overdo it, I would suggest cleansing your crystals every 2-4 weeks.

Where do I keep my crystals?

Crystals should be kept around you for making sure the vibrations are prevalent, you can keep them on your desk, in your bag/wallet or in your cupboards & wardrobes, Keep touching them often and be grateful to them.

When do you see results after using crystals?

Some people see results within days, however, for some, it might take a few weeks or even months to see the results, Your belief system, coupled with your efforts, the energies of the crystal and the seller is all where it depends on. Keep believing and working hard on your goals, and you shall see results in no time, I bet on this!

I think that's about it. This is everything that I guess you need to know when it comes to crystals. If you still have any queries, I will be more than happy to help. Please feel free to drop in an email or a DM on Instagram.


Nirali Desai

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