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Manifestation & Tarot Membership

This membership community is very thoughtfully created for women who are ambitious and are looking forward to changing their lives for GOOD.


You can research so many things about manifestation nowadays. You are only a hashtag on Instagram or a search on youtube away from the millions of information on manifestation. I have done this too. I have researched and researched but still, I still wished if there was something that provided each and every piece of information in one place.



So here I am for someone who is exactly like me (ambitious, craving for clarity, wanting to constantly become a better version, wanting to heal a part of you, or want to become more confident. Here, you will find all like-minded spiritual ladies who are on the same path as you.


In this circle, I will be sharing tarot guidance exclusively for my ladies every week and would be sharing new content on becoming the best version for yourself. Content such as journal prompts, worksheets, guided meditations, mantras, manifestation techniques and so much more.



Benefits of the membership. 


  1. Weekly Tarot Guidance 

  2. Once a month group healing 

  3. Once a month Guided Meditation Session 

  4. Once a month Manifestation Q&A Session 

  5. Affirmations & Chakra Activation Tips 

  6. Private Facebook Member Group

  7. Journals, Worksheets etc


If this calls out to you then I have one more surprise by the end of March 2021 - there would be a manifestation workshop to which you will have a FREE TICKET.


Now choose your plan from below. 

Choose Your Best Plan

  • Monthly Plan

    Valid for one month
    • Monthly Subscription, No commitment.
    • Best to try the service
  • Quarterly Plan

    Committed to manifest
    Valid for 3 months
    • Commit to 3 months & save money
  • Annual Plan

    Completely Change & Align your life
    Valid for 12 months
    • 12 months Plan
    • Free One hour of Tarot Readings
    • Crystals Kit
    • Stationery Products
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