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1:1 Entrepreneur Coaching

This is a perfect one-on-one package for you if you’re looking forward to letting go of all the mental blocks, be absolutely dedicated and focus on your services with my expert guidance curated for you and YOUR business through combining marketing strategies + law of attraction.  


What’s included in the package? 

  • 2*60 mins call within 4 weeks of discovery, implementation, clarity, strategies, and much more. 

  • Guided meditation 

  • Manifestation & law of attraction 

  • Marketing strategies 

  • Worksheets and mindset work 


This investment is for you

  • If you’re looking forward to gaining more clarity about your business 

  • Next steps and strategies for your business 

  • Want to attract more money into your business 

  • Seeking confidence in your business and let go of any mental blockages 

  • Seeking how to differentiate yourself in the market 

  • Seeking clarity on branding, positioning, and all things social media 

  • If you’re spiritual as a person and have faith in your business

INR 10,000


1:1 Personal Coaching

In this one on one coaching journey, I’ll be your spirit guide to help you gain clarity, connect with your higher self and focus solely on creating YOUR aligned life as per your desire. 


What’s included in the package 

  • 4* 60 minutes in total within 2 months dept video or audio call to create the roadmap of your life ahead 

  • Self-healing techniques 

  • Tarot readings 

  • Manifestation & law of attraction 

  • Journaling/worksheets

  • Guided meditations 

  • Assistance on Mondays & Fridays every week for 8 weeks.


This 1:1 coaching investment is for you

  • If you feel you’re overthinking about everything and seeking validation all the time but want to change that 

  • If you want to detach yourself from past experiences and past personality 

  • If you’re looking forward to becoming more confident as a being and aligned 

  • If you’re looking forward to lifting all the mental blocks 

  • If you struggle to create boundaries for yourself (saying NO) 

  • If you are always looking for balance in your life 

  • If you are kind-hearted however you’re always misunderstood 

  • If you’re looking forward to gaining more clarity about your strengths and your spiritual journey 

  • If you’re looking forward to manifesting your desires 

  • If you’re looking forward to committing to this course to create your aligned life with me.

INR 50,000

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