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How tarot can help you?

Tarot cards are a great medium for an intuitive reader to guide you with what’s holding you back, what are the steps you should take forward in your life. It channelises your energies (according to me) to get the universal messages finally to you. It reads the signs you’ve been receiving. It helps you understand what are your strengths and weaknesses. Tarot readings can finally help you with a clear picture of what’s in store for you ahead in your life and what are the lessons that you should let go and count as blessings for the next steps forward in your life.

What are tarot cards?

You will find plenty of information on how the tarot concept was created. Let me tell you the real deal, tarot are the mediums through which the reader channelizes your energy of you and combines it with the intuition to help you find guidance, clarity and path towards your future. It has immense powers because of the spiritual connection it has with the subconscious and the universe.


Can tarot predict future?

Tarot cannot predict the exact future even though it has the power to because of the changes of the energies and you trying to manifest for the life you desire. However, it can help you with an idea or hints of your near future.


How do I perform a reading?

I predict your past experiences, current energies and the experiences that’s bothering you the most before we start the reading to understand if we are getting the answers from my subconscious and the tarot cards. After the confirmation, we then ask your questions one by one to the cards depending on what service you need at the moment.

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