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THE ABUNDANCE BRACELET: Citrine Bracelet (6mm)

THE ABUNDANCE BRACELET: Citrine Bracelet (6mm)

₹1,999.00 Regular Price
₹1,499.00Sale Price


Citrine is a merchant's stone. Also referred to as the stone of abundance & success. This crystal has mighty properties that attract money, career, financial success, and new opportunities. 


The citrine bracelet comes with 27-28 small spherical polished citrine tumbles woven around a piece of thread so that it can be comfortably worn. This is Reiki infused bracelet.


Citrine aligns you with wealth and encourages you to explore new possibilities for the improvement of your growth. Brings in bright and uplifting energies, also known as a stone of joy & happiness. This crystal helps you envision your goals clearly and inspires you to attain them. Pushes away your depression thus helping you stay in the present moment. Aids its owner to look to the future with new hope. Citrine is all about manifesting abundance in your life. 


Benefits of citrine:
- Raises one’s self-esteem & self-confidence.
- Adis in obtaining and maintaining wealth for its owner. 
- Summons prosperity.
- Activates your creative side. 
- Get rid of all the negative energies. 
- Relieve from depression, self doubts and anger. 
- Perfect for manifesting and achieving goals. 


Reiki infused by @prittisoniastrology and for you

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