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THE CALM BRACELET: Amethyst Bracelet (6mm)

THE CALM BRACELET: Amethyst Bracelet (6mm)

₹1,999.00 Regular Price
₹1,499.00Sale Price

A jewelry piece that enhances your peace, sounds amazing, right? Amethyst bracelet comes with around 28-30 small spherical polished amethyst tumbles woven around a piece of thread so that it can comfortably worn. This is Reiki infused bracelet. It id 6mm in size.


Benefits of this bracelet:

Stress reliever

Calms a disturbed mind

Relieves anxiety

Promotes hormonal balances

Develops clarity.


Affirm while wearing the bracelet: I am calm, I attract peace and serenity.


Reiki infused by @prittisoniastrology and for you.

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